Monday, April 15, 2013


I am finally back to a normal weekly schedule! To kick it off, here are some photo reference "bloopers". All of these were taken during my highly productive photo reference sessions. I'm lucky if I succeed in gathering a handful of useful shots to be used for my final paintings. I am even more lucky when I find a few gems that stand alone as works of art:

 "Approaching Vampire"

 "Head Over Heels"

 "The Devious Corgi"

 "The Phantom"

 "Man with the Jewel Eyes"


 "Mr. Phalenges"

 "A Friendship Rekindled"

 "Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind"

"Temporary Paralysis"

Next week I will have a more pertinent post related to applying for graduate school. I am near the end of my application experience and would love to share my insight into the process, especially to those interested in applying for an MFA in illustration. Stay tuned!

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