Saturday, September 21, 2013

SCAD Grad Week 1: Shiny Stuff and Frosty Faces

I have completed week 1 of my graduate studies! The only time I remember being so involved in the art-making process was when I was in elementary school, dedicating many hours to the high priority of drawing all 150 Pokémon (Gotta draw 'em all!).

This is my first sketchbook page for my drawing class. The assignment was to draw 5 things made of different materials, so I rendered porcelain, fruit flesh, paper towel, metal, and human flesh. I'm always telling myself how important it is to practice drawing. Even knowing how powerful practice is as a musician, I never made an effort to draw regularly. Now I have no choice! That's probably a good thing.

You are looking at the visage of concert clarinetist extraordinaire, Martin Fröst. It is a caricature, but I'm hoping to get a little more extreme on my final piece. This assignment is a practice piece for my illustration techniques class where I am trying out a new line-work and realism combination technique before I dive into the final piece. I think I will use a dark grey for background and lineart instead of black to prevent any washing-out of the flesh rendering.

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