Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Jabberwock Reimagined

Copic Markers is putting on a contest for re-imagining the Jabberwock from Lewis Carroll's poem, "Jabberwocky". There are just a few days left, but I put together some solid reference material, which should make the painting process move swiftly.

The poem leaves the creature wide open to interpretation, but we do know that it has "claws that catch", "jaws that bite", and "eyes of flame". The traditional route is a dragon-like creature, but when I think of claws, I think of crustaceans and when I think of biting jaws, I think of snapping turtles and alligators.
This turtle-crab-beast is my version of the Jabberwock. Like usual, I sculpted it in Sculptris and exported the model into blender for lighting.

I finally learned the basics of rigging so I could pose my Jabberwock. The dude is a model imported from Daz and the butterflies are Sketchup freebies. This rendering has most of the elements that will be in the final illustration, including the "protagonist" (who will most likely not be bald and ghostly), vorpal sword, Tumtum tree, and some dainty Bread-and-Butterflies for good measure. Time to paint!

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