Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thumbnail Sketches

Here is the first round of thumbnail sketches for a painting somewhat based on Psalm 10. I say somewhat because I am really focusing on a small portion of the psalm. Key elements that I wanted to include were an unwary person and a villain with feline qualities. I did not think I could make even five variations of my concept, but after the fifth of many diverse concepts, I figured that I could take my favorite and make a couple more nuanced versions. I went with the fifth for a number of reasons: the story was immediately graspable, the form was pleasing, and I felt the play of light and dark worked well was a cool way of progressing the story-line. I like to think that this is what "foreshadowing" looks like in a drawing.

One element to the fifth drawing that remains unresolved was the long shadows streaking across the park. Where do they come from? Does it matter? I did my best to hint at the origins of the long shadows in the final concept, but I am concerned with cluttering of the image. If you have any suggestions on how I can achieve the same openness of the fifth concept, but still hint at the source of the shadows, I would love to hear them.

And now...BEHOLD! The renowned Nyan cat in the flesh--or paper, rather. This past week I made many a paper craft for my senior friends. The instructions for creating this beautiful work of art can be found here. How does this relate to my senior art project? As an artist, one must remain flexible and be open to experimenting with a variety of mediums. This flexibility will open new doors of possibility for one's artwork, especially if mixed-media is the medium of choice. Also, it is nice to take a break from 2-dimensions every now and then to play with sculptural mediums.

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