Saturday, May 19, 2012


Welcome to Beyond the Vanishing Point art blog! For my first post, I present to you sketches that have absolutely nothing to do with my senior art project. The first two pages were drawn while I was on a retreat with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship on Catalina Island. The third page features some of my (temporarily) unsuspecting friends at school.

What do you have to look forward from this blog? You have the unique opportunity to watch me scramble to put together my senior project starting from my beginning sketches to the end product, that is, the senior art show at the University of Redlands. Aside from completing this series of art (and getting a summer job), my goals also include sending my art to the Spectrum art jury and entering the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition. The Spectrum jury selects outstanding art to be compiled into an annual book called Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. The work in this book is one used by art directors looking to hire because it simply is an up-to-date window into the best that the world of contemporary illustration has to offer.

What are my chances of placing in either event? Slim. Very, very slim. But, this will give me no choice but to grow as an artist and gain valuable experience. I'll settle for that any day.

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