Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Ok, so this missing a week of posts thing. I said it won't happen again, but it most definitely will happen, as it just did. I have been busy with college applications and commissions--something that's actually very new to me. I know what your are thinking. I have no excuse not to be putting up some work-in-progress shots especially since I should have some new work, hypothetically.

Here is my moth-marmoset-monkey. Thing. His name is "Three" and his nickname is Mittens. The reason behind his existence is that I have an "assignment" for my application to SVA that calls for two works under the symbolism-oriented themes of either "three", "evil", or "pie". Also, I really wanted to do a character/creature concept, which in my mind I thought would take much shorter time than doing a scene painting. Hopefully, this concept is acceptable as a "work". Too late now! Evil should be fun. I am playing with the idea of an evil weevil...

In the next post, you can expect a fully-colored creature with a detailed description as to why exactly Three has such long claws.

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