Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays have been merry!

I allowed myself one week this holiday season to take a break from "work". I nevertheless kept myself busy doing some sketching here and there as well as conceptualizing for my senior art project.

A view of Lake Silencio--er--Powell, Utah from the docks at Bullfrog Marina. I could spend a month painting the rocks there. Making paintings of the rocks would be cool too.

Pops relaxing on Christmas day.

Some pen concept sketches leading up to a more developed version in gouache. If you haven't tried gouache for making concept sketches, then please do it. It's fast and the colors are vibrant, which is great for getting the tonal organization of your composition down.

The above concept is based on Psalm 148 and is actually a triptych, in other words, three physically separate paintings that are meant to be viewed together. I almost forgot that a painting I did earlier this past year was also based on Psalm 148. This painting (digital), which you can see bellow, takes an entirely different approach to the psalm. Ideally, I just wanted to draw a giant sea monster, so he became the "focal point". Also, the piece remains unfinished, for now. My original plan was for there to be little fishes swirling around the leviathan's tail to give the creature a sense of scale.

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