Monday, October 21, 2013

Drawing Assignment 1: Still Life- Travel

Let's go back in time for a moment to my first assignment for my Drawing for Illustrators class. The theme for the assignment is "travel" and my mission is to create a still life drawing with that theme...

One step before my thumbnails included a little brain storming sheet where I wrote down a a list of different travel items as well as traditional still life items. I combined those two to discover several possible concepts for my image. I go with the items at my disposal: my clothing, purse, bedroom furniture. Limited to those items, I narrowed down my options and started making thumbnails:


In my thumbnails, I arranged my belongings in different ways to represent different narratives and/or symbols. My professor makes a couple notes on some of my drawings, but we both agree that the last three thumbnails are the strongest compositions.

I go with the middle concept for its dynamic "drop":

Next, I replicated my thumbnail as best as possible with my photo reference:

The photo above is one of about 4 different photos I used for my final drawing:

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