Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prudence the Wizard

I am very excited to begin a new series of illustrations embodying the four cardinal virtues in different fantasy characters. Up first is prudence.

I created this rough sculpt based on my initial sketch for the character.  Everything was built from scratch except for the body, which was posed and modified in Daz3D from one of the basic models.

I imported my Sculptris model into Blender to use its lighting and rendering systems. I used a relatively low resolution render, which results in some grainyness in the lighter mid-values. Lucky for me I don't need to have a flawless render, which can take hours to process. With this reference, I have almost all of my information about form and anatomy in one place. It also seems like a natural extension of my drawing process. The same challenges I find in painting or drawing to mimic 3-dimensions are still applicable to the 3-dimensional sculpt, except my results are more accurate.

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