Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Lovely Date for Dinner

While I am waiting for a new Wacom tablet to help finish my first official portfolio piece, I begin my next work, which will be in oil paint and digital.

This one takes reference from Psalm 73, especially the "clothed in violence" bit. It is not immediately apparent in this study, but the gentleman having his coat removed is a vampire in disguise. Right now, he kind of looks like he is about to take a bite out of the woman's hair. Also, the floating arms are somewhat odd...

I fixed those issues by having the woman look slightly towards the vampire gent and having more of the coat attendant visible. The waiter with the steaming entree in the background also gives a context clue that the coat attendant isn't just some random dude, but that we are indeed in some sort of restaurant. There are still a few issues: the vampire man looks constipated (and not quite recognizable as a vampire, even a vampire in disguise), the wine glass must be penetrating the woman's palm to be in that position, and the woman looks too sassy for the gullible, flirtatious character that I want her to be. It's time to take some pics!

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