Monday, October 22, 2012

The Ball is Rolling!

In-progress shots of my latest painting:

Instead of laying down a sketch in graphite, I "sketched" with paint. It's a more haphazard approach, but when there are aspects of the painting that I am still not happy with, I can easily rub out large sections with solvent and a towel. 

In some areas I stopped working transparently (the woman's arm). I did this in places where I was making big corrections and could no longer "erase" a layer, which was dry at that point. I decided that I do not like the woman's body language. She went from sassy to inebriated when I really need ditzy. I take the time to shoot some new reference photos. 

Much better! The woman looks more flirtatious with the sharper body angles and tilt of the head. I am still not happy with the gentleman. I don't know whether I should show his right arm resting on the woman's shoulder or waist or whether that is physically improbable when his coat is being removed and I should leave it as is. See how I solve this problem next week!

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