Saturday, October 27, 2012


The surprise is...wait for it... I am almost done!

Things are starting to flesh out a bit. I intend on doing another layer on top of all this, but there's nothing like an under-under painting to make the second layer faster! I raised the woman's left arm so that it would appear shorter and more anatomically correct.

I took yet another round of reference photos to get the lighting for the woman's face more accurate. Also, I managed to cut off the first round of reference photos just above the knee, so I needed additional reference for the chair, table cloth, legs, etc. It looks like I will be taking yet another round of reference photos to solve the mysterious missing vampire arm issue. No, you would technically not see his right arm if it is still in the sleeve of the jacket that is being removed. Unfortunately, the real world does not always translate well within a visual composition.


  1. Looking good Candice!It's awesome to see your step by step process. Also, the new header for you blog rocks :)

  2. Thanks! The renovation has been part of my Advanced Studio Workshop promotional project. The blog certainly needed a facelift. :)